Dr. Sophie Warther

Dr. Sophie Warther is a specialist in general medicine and directs the medical office Dr. Warther since 02.01.2021 in third generation. From mid-2018 to mid-2020 she completed two years of her residency training at the medical office Dr. Wolfgang Warther. In August 2020 she completed her residency training and since then kept on working in the office as contracted physician. In her previous clinical work she worked in the Department of Geriatrics at the Marienkrankenhaus Hamburg as well as in the Department of Internal Medicine at the Israelitisches Krankenhaus Hamburg.

Dr. Wolfgang Warther

Dr. Wolfgang Warther is a specialist in internal medicine and lead the office from 1980 until end of 2020. Since he passed the office on to his daughter, he keeps on working in the office as contracted physician. In addition to internal diagnostics, intensive conversations with patients are an important concern for him. To ensure the widest range of medical treatments, he relies on a strong network of selected specialist colleagues, which is based on many years of trusting cooperation.