Covid-19 (as of 10.07.2022)

Dear patients,

Please take the following information to heart:
1. As soon as you have a positive rapid antigen test, you need to stay home for five days. There is no more need for a confirmation test (neither rapid antigen test nor PCR-test).
2. Free testing is only offered for the following groups:
- children until their firth birthday
- persons who cannot be vaccinated against coronavirus
- persons living / working at / visiting hospitals, centres for rehabilitation, day clinics, dialysis centers,
- caring relatives
- household members of persons with confirmed coronavirus infection.

The following nearby centres offer corona testing:
- Corona Labor Testzentrum Hofweg 58, 22085 Hamburg
- Corona-Testzentrum Gertigstraße 20, 22303 Hamburg
- Antares-Apotheke Hammoniabad, Lerchenfeld 14, 22081 Hamburg
- Adler-Apotheke im Wandsbeker Quareee

We do not realize rapid antigen tests.
We do not realize PCR tests on coronavirus without previous appointment by phone.
We do not perform PCR tests due to a red alert in the Corona Warning-App on asymptomatic patients.
We do not perform PCR smears for free testing.